I'm really sad :( Will our life situations prevent us from being together or can it work? I'd really appreciate help?

Hey guys. Thanks in advance!
Basic run-down, I've been talking to a guy (27) on Facebook who I have mutuals with. We never met in person, just saw from afar. He lives 40 minutes away, and he doesn't have a car.. During the summer, I did, but now I won't, now that im going back to college, even if it is also 40 miles away from his place. I can come back on weekends (Friday afternoon to Monday morning) only. Otherwise, I have no car. He doesn't know this because I don't want to tell him.. I'm scared he will have doubts (this is all from my own insecurity, not him). He works an odd job almost full time now to support his music career, and he's currently going on tours frequently. He was just gone for a week, and in October he will be again. We had plans to finally meet today, we had it all planned out, and then he was called in for work. I believe him; he was really excited to meet me and we both expressed explicit times and our excitement. But now tomorrow I'll be dropped off for my last year at college.. And my availability is reduced dramatically. I only have Friday- Monday free, and I don't know when he works, when he'll be out of town, etc. He isn't talking to anyone else; I'm not either. I know he likes me... But I'm just really upset that this is almost becoming impossible. He's a nice guy, he really is, and I never felt so happy to talk to someone before. Yesterday he mentioned how he wished I lived closer and said "move here!" Kinda playfully. He lives in a large city that I was planning to move to next summer, but that won't be til after I graduate school. We both have busy 8 months; he'll be traveling and touring and I'll have my head in the books. How do I make sure we don't drift apart and how can we make this work? It can, can't it?


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  • Keep in touch, try to see each other on some free time or a weekend. If you both want it, it can work.

    Good luck! 😉

  • Keep communicating. You guys can agree mutually on something. Use a video chat or something. As long as you both keep talking you'll be ok.

  • There's such a thing as fate.. and this is your last year at college, the last chance to form lasting friendships that might lead to something more.

    Say a wistful 'see you soon' and then ignore him and devote yourself to your own life this year.

    • Why ignore him?

      & I don't have friends at college and don't really want any. I have a wonderful stalker though.

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    • ? I've only known him since this summer... I've been at this school for 3 years. And I will soon be 22 before he is 27. He's actually 26, I don't know why I wrote 27. He told me he thinks I'm super awesome and a total babe. I don't know, what do you think? He likes me, I know he does. We haven't met in person so being enraptured isn't too possible atm

    • Lol! And right! I actually got a no contact issued against the stalker. Totally creeped.

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