Is he not super interested?

I met a guy online, we clicked right away and we have been talking for the last month. We recently started texting/skyping. The only issue is that he lives pretty far away, though a short flight away. I am planning to see him in the next couple of weeks, the only thing holding me back is his schedule (on call/not set), this is making booking flights difficult because they are pretty expensive last minute. I am paying for the ticket and he is pretty enthusiastic about seeing me. The thing is I have been the one looking at flights, figuring out which day etc. We planned out our day, going to a park. Does this show he isn't interested cause he isn't helping me find the best flight/asking his work if he can have a certain day off?


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  • Yes, I'd wonder about his not trying to arrange something in advance to make it cheaper for you to book a flight.. and in general, making it possible for you to plan ahead. I'd be careful here, and think twice about the flight. Let him show some real interest...

    • Thanks for MHO. Caution is advised with the guy, he sounds unreliable to me.
      Good luck!

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  • He is not interested as you are.
    If he was he would have been the one who book the flight and flew to you.
    And please don't buy because I'm busy bullshit.
    I wouldn't recommend seeing him honestly. Most likely your relationship is going to be like this, you book the flight you plan things you fly to see him,, if you were my sister I would beg you to not see this selfish bastard doesn't appreciate you.

    • He doesn't have the means to come see me atm. Its not because he is busy, we actually planned a day, but the tickets are pretty expensive on this day.

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  • He's not as interested as you are. He sounds selfish tbh. You shouldn't waste your time with this guy.


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