Dating sites (POF, OK Cupid etc) Do women pay for subscription?

I've set up a profile for free, but to get the cool stuff, you need to upgrade and pay. But I'm just literally using online dating as a fun experiment, so I don't want to pay lol. But i know some sites where men pay and women don't (like adult friend finder. The woman who I saw didn't pay for what I had to pay for). So just an interesting observation.


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  • As far as I know most online dating sites charge the same amount for either gender or orientation. A few of the sites only let women send pics on their messaging service though. I guess they had a serious dick pic issue (they said the privlage was abused lol). Some sites only allow a couple messages for free or offer more photos or more prominence for a price.

    It might just be my area, but spending money for a subscription is often just a waste. Match. com and eharmony both cost $ and therefore have a much smaller selection. I had 0 matches within 10 hours of me on match.

    If you're going to take the time to explore online dating then make the effort to create a more descriptive profile. There's nothing worse than seeing - I don't know how to talk about myself, I'm an open book ask me anything- It can make it really hard to have any conversation deeper than "how's your day going".

    • Thank you. Very helpful.

      No I am just having fun. Casual stuff. Its more for seeing how women think. My profile will be interesting and I have a second to none sense of humour (have to turn it down or I come off as too much of a clown). No man should put his "serious" eggs into online dating. I see it as mass email marketing. But still good to see what happens.

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    • Out of more curiosity... have you ever had some attraction to a client? I always wonder about that.

    • I feel most people could find a couple session with a therapist useful, so I try to help people get more clarity on here when I have free time (or have a migraine and can't sleep). When someone is really struggling a kind word and a point in the right direction can really help, as I'm sure you know.

      I have never had any romantic issues with clients, but I do often work with women and teens at the moment. After all the ethics classes you can really see how gross a therapist dating a client is. It's really just a huge manipulation of power. Clients having feeling for their therapist aren't particularly rare, but it's a matter of safety, trust and projection. The therapist needs to support the client (vs shame) explained what's happening and redirect them. Any counselor who takes advantage should suffer more than just losing their license

  • A lot of the sites USED to give women free premium access till the realized a lot of men were registering as women to get the free memberships. Now it seems with pretty much all of the sites both have to pay for premium access.


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