Why do some parents have to be so controlling?

I almost had a boyfriend recently, we really liked each other, but his parents are being over controlling, which means it's never gonna work.
I'll admit it's hurting me quite a bit because I really liked him. I don't know what to do now. I want a hug or someone to cheer me up, but no one is around. Which really sucks.
But back to the point. Why do parents not want their kids to grow up? Why do they do this?


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  • Parents DO want their kids to grow up. When they turn 18, they are free to do what they want, when they want. It is up to a parent to teach them proper values, so they can rely on these values in the future.

    Think of parents as "life teachers". We aren't perfect; but we try our best. There ARE bad parents; but I can only relate to good parents.

    Parents were all kids once. Now, however, there are greater risks to teens. Internet and social media expose kids to more people who try to take advantage of them. Crime and general lack of common courtesy is on the increase. some parents can over react in the sake of protecting their kids.

    Teens think they know all the answers... When I was one, I thought I knew it all too. I tried to circumvent the rules... typical teen :)

    When i grew up, I realized I didn't know shit when i was a teen. I laugh sometimes when I remember how stupid I was. At any rate, I turned out fine.

    Be patient... please. Your pre-adult years are only 1 quarter of your life. You'll have decades of an independent, adult life.


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  • looking out for their son's best interest possibly? Maybe they feel he's too young or you're not a good influence?

    As a parent I have no problem with my child growing up, but I know more than him so I monitor his actions accordingly to ensure he's on the right track. ;)

    • I know I would never be a bad influence. I'm actually a really good kid I'm told. He's is even more mature then other 15 year olds I've met. So that's what confuses me. It's just puppy love. Why can't we have our fun?

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  • The same as im almost 23 and my dad still thinks he can threaten me and keep me from my boyfriend. Because some parents just wanna control there kids. Or maybe his parents just want him to focus on school. Sometimes there r many reasons

    • It's ridiculous. I know for a fact it only hurts the relationship between the parent and child, and can end up hurting the child when they go to college. My mom grew up with over controlling parents.

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    • Depends he honestly might not be as bothered by not being able to be with you as you might think. 14 year old boys move on fast

    • He's 15. But yeah maybe not

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