Dating my cousins best friend?

Guy I was dating asks me multiple times a week if I like him? And what I like about him? We would see each other 3-4 times a week. Then we stopped seeing each other because my cousin is his best friend, he felt like he was crossing boundaries. He swore he liked me a lot before we said goodbye and that he didn't want me to hate him.


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  • He still should had dated you. It seems like to me their was a lot of great chemistry and a lot of great connection going on. Maybe he didn't want your cousin to find out and felt bad about dating you. I feel he shouldn't had broke things off because of your cousin.

    • He is the type of guy that talks to multiple girls, so he said he was not ready to change. What should I do? Give him time or just erase him from my life.

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    • I decided to remove him off social media but I let him know that I did it for my own good and that we were still friends. He responded with a sad face and called me by the nickname he used to call me.

    • Ok that is good. Yes removing him from social media is a good idea so that way you won't be tempted to look or view his page. Lol that is cool he called you by a nickname.

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  • Well, talk to your cousin about it. I doubt she would mind. I mean, why would she even care?
    Oh, I just read the comment you made on coolbreeze's answer. If he is the type that talks to multiple girls, the true reason he rejected you was not because of your cousin. It was because he knew he would be unfaithful, so he decided not to pursue you in order not to lose his friend along with you.

    • You are probably right. He said he didn't want me to hate him. And reminded me how much he "liked" me