4 yr friendship lost for 2yrs then reconnected this pass summer and been hanging out since. What should I do?

Maybe I am over thinking this. I met this girl at my community college 4 years ago, but we lost contact after we both graduated and moved on to different Universities. This pass summer we ran into each other at the mall and reconnected. We started to hangout with the same group of friends. I noticed some signals, but ingored them because I always assumed she is being nice. It been getting strange how she always asks me for advice to pick out her drink at the club and generally asks for my advice on everything. Everytime we hangout now like running at the park, club, and etc she always textes me that she had a great time and literally textes a lot which I like. She initiates a text with Hi which I respond. If I ask her to hangout her texts have extra letters and excited. Tries to invite me to her friends event, but her friends say close friends only. I do like hanging out with her because of her personality and making her laugh. Trying to figure out if she is being friend or wants something beyond our friendship. I am being cautious because I don't want to hurt a 4 yr friendship. My over thinking does not help damn science majoring..


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  • I'm bored


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  • Make the move!! I've been where you are. And if you see the signals. Go for the move and let the consequences be damned friend. You will hate yourself a lot more if you miss the opportunity/escalation window. Which if closes, it's hard as hell to get back open.

    Escalate and apologize later if she backs away a or shows discust.

    Get the girl mate. Don't let that "I don't wanna ruin the friendship bs" stand in the way.