Should I ask him if he wants to stop dating?

A few months after hooking up he started asking to cook together, be around his friends, he started to always spoil me, we had deeper conversations. When it hit 6 months, I decided it was time to end it, because I knew if I stayed longer, it would be hard.. But he led me on. He started taking me out beautiful hiking spots here in Oregon, his family's beach house for a few days and he would take me to see different towns and sigh seeing, restaurants, we stared doing things. We went from seeing each other once or twice a week to 2 or 3 times a week. When it almost hit a year, my sibling started going through something and caused issues... It all affected me badly. I became negative and accusing him a lot. We've been dating over 14months now, and I am mostly the one initiatiating more, and we'd go 10 days w out seeing each other. I asked if he wanted to go out recently, he said he was down and he took me to many different beaches and cool places along the way. Everything seemed back to normal. But we were supposed to hangout tonight and he didn't even contact me to cancel. (Beach was yesterday), we are each going away and won't see each other for 2 weeks. He never cancelled or anything like that! Should I text him and ask him if he wants to continue this? It's not easy to just walk away now it's been so long and he means a lot to me

He led me on with talking of a more serious relationship*


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  • You need to to know where you stand

  • Call him. This is not something should be discussed over text. You guys should meet up and talk about it face to face.
    And I understand that you going through difficult time, but do not ever put that on him. that will obviously push him away. I wouldn't want to be with a guy who's being negative and cranky all time. Even I know he's going through tough time, still that's disrespectful.
    Just be honest and tell him how you feeling and have him express you his honest feeling about this relationship. If you can, talk about it in person not over the phone, never text.