I was drunk and my boyfriend is mad, help?

Yesterday I went to the dentist and she gave me 2 needles of anesthetic after the appointment I was so sleepy and I had a horrible headache and I wad so moody and sad and whenever my boyfriend says anything I'd get so mad and kept fighting with him
then I decided to drink to get rid of this bad mood and just chill
I drank a lot I was so drunk and started making a fool of myself then I started crying and yelling at my boyfriend ( I normally never cry ) I had the worst breakdown I've never been this unhappy and this mad I started talking about all the things that are bothering me and started talking in a bad way to my boyfriend and I told him that I regret being with him , after that he started treating me like trash and he was like " get in the car now I don't have time for you!" He was yelling and he took me home I asked him to walk me to the front door because I can't walk on the stars I was so dissy and he said " no my back is hurting me I'm not going to walk you up my health is more important than you are"
I was so happy with him I love him so much and I just fucked it up!
What do I do
I really fucked it up and I don't want to lose him


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  • Just be honest.
    Tell him "I fucked up, I was under the influence and that's not an acceptable excuse to be a complete and utter fuckhead (which is what you were acting like tbh).
    If you truly don't feel the horrid things you were telling him, let him know that you honestly don't feel any of the things you said, and express to him how much you actually love him. Maybe tell him specifically everything you love about him.
    Apologize profusely.
    Then let him have his space to cool off.

    Don't bombard or hound him, because if that were me I would absolutely need a few days to cool off and think about stuff before I said something mean to be spiteful back.

    Let him know that something like this will absolutely never happen again.

    You fucked up girl.
    You have to give him time and be prepared to face any resulting consequences.

    Maybe you, yourself need sometime to gather your thoughts and figure out why you had such a meltdown. Something is building up, and you need to assess it, and handle it before something equally as shitty or worse happens.

    • Thank you
      I'll try to talk to him tomorrow because I've already tried to talk to him today and he ignored me

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    • I hope so

    • Any update?

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  • I agree on what @JerichoJared said. It sounsd like there has been a whole ton of repressed things being blown out all at once by you. And your boyfriend has all the rights to be mad at you.

    "I had a breakdown! He's supposed to be understanding
    I've been going through a lot"

    So that gives you the right to treat him like utter shit? No, it doesn't. Come down from your high horse. It is not his, but your fault alone for doing what you did.
    There is a difference between being understanding and being turned into a pile of shit and a doormat. You tried to do the later. And if you have any sense of empathy you turn the tables and ask yourself how you would have reacted if he had done what you did.

    • I know that it's all my fault what I'm asking is how do I fix this situation! He proposed 2 days ago and now I fucked it!

    • 1. First you don't even try to push the blame with shit like "I had a breakdown, he's supposed to understand". Accept that you AND ONLY YOU are to blame for it. No excuses, no buts. Accept it.

      2. Ask yourself why you said those things. Were there things in your relationship that you were uncomfortable with? That were sweeped under the rug? etc. And even moreso, why the fuck did you say he is a waste of time?

      This is the part you ABSOLUTELY NEED to do. This is called self-insight and introspection and you can't properly fix what you have done without understanding where it came from.

      Naturally you will apologise either way. Give him time now to cool of his head (write him that you are sorry and that you want to talk once he is cooled down though). And then you freaking apologise in person and understand that you have destroyed a whole ton of trust and emotional bond which will take time to heal. And it will take a whole ton of time.

    • Thank you

  • I don't know. I usually don't lie when I'm drunk. Embellish, yeah. Not lie though. I don't think you like him that much.

    And after you said you regretted dating him, he probably doesn't like you too much right now either. That's pretty harsh.

    You need to really think about why you said those things. This may have been a blessing.

    If you still want him back after, the best thing you can do is apologise to him in person and come up with a damn good reason for the hate-talk (no, "I was drunk" is not a reason). After that, it's up to him.

    • Excuse like what?

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    • It's one thing to be understanding of you crying and having a break down and honestly, he probably would've been understanding. You probably could've said a LOT of things that he would've just taken because he cares about you. But to say "I regret dating you". Is so hurtful. And I agree, I may embellish or whatever, but rarely if ever lie when drunk. And now he's wondering why he should care/understand/be there for you, if you apparently never wanted to be with him.

      You say you do, but what you said is contrary.

      You didn't just say "you've gained weight and I hate it... :'(". You basically said you're wasting your life with him...

    • @bbch25 Yup. I agree. That emotionally hurt me just hearing about it. I honestly can't think of a worse insult. You can't even work on that.

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  • Wo that boy's angry. Just talk it out, he should have manned up and at least talked to you about it instead of this childish rage

    • The girl he just proposed to said she's been wasting her life by being with him... And he has a childish rage? The hell.

  • Go round to his house and apologise and try to get him to not hate you anymore. Grovel like your life depends on it

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