Are you someone who will be with the one right now or do you wait the one?


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  • I think I understand your question 😉

    I wait for the one

    I can be happy being single. I'm a very independent person. I'd never just settle for any guy until the right one came along. I'm patient to wait for what I want

    I'll take waiting over settling any day

    • Same. It's just I have noticed people would rather be with someone than alone even when they know they aren't the one. The same as a poll a few days ago when the majority of guys wanted a slender or fit body type on a female then you see th majority of guys with larger women. Its like most will say what makes them look good but it has a huge gap from reality.

    • I agree. A lot of people will settle for anyone rather then being alone, but you can feel more alone and unhappy in a relationship you just settle for than you would being single

      I would never feel happy with a guy if my heart wasn't with him. It would make me feel alone even if I was with him.

      If you are with the wrong person then you'd never meet the right one. Mr or Mrs right could pass you by , but you'd miss out on the opportunity, because you'd be with someone you just settled for

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • I will wait for the one

  • What does "the one" mean? is it a type of food?


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  • With all the Toms I have ever Dated and Mated, even Married, including a Husband I still have out in Egypt... Every One of them was always the "Right One," hun. I had good judgement and great Taste, I must say.
    However, God said they were Not the "Right One," and along with Mother Nature, it was just One more Experience in my Own Life that I can Talk about And... Tell About.
    Good luck and Great question. xx

  • I will wait for the one.

    Love can't be rushed. It brings pain, and joy.
    think it is better to wait, because no matter how many people you date, or how many boyfriends you have, there will always be that one person out there that you. He or she, will be better then all your previous boyfriends or girlfriends. The one will treat you like a king or queen. You will mean the world to them, and they will mean the world to you. You guys would be a team that can't be separated. ❤

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