Is it OK to be afraid of dating?

Hello. You guy's probably should check my other questions to get a better understanding of me. Well I am afraid of sex, being annoying to girls, being disrespectful, beautiful girls, and afraid of being a nuisance. What I do is the following and these are 100% true about me:1: I don't in anyway look at a girls body parts in terms of having self control, and not being a sick pervert2: I have clygnephobia which means I am scared of beautiful women.3: It takes me awhile to ask a girl out (4 weeks to a couple of months).4: I don't try to be annoying. To the point I won't even ask for the girls number (and in my rare cases, I turn them down because of not being annoying)5: I actually do my best to get a girl but I do give up because I don't meet a girls standard or because she's party girl or something while I geek out to Pokémon6: In truth I did try rejection therapy (get rejected on purpose) and lets It left me with a huge scar.7: I just ask the girl out casually. Like to prevent my heart being hurt or making progress, I try not to show to any enthusiasm to any girl because I don't wanna be clingy.8: and finally I got rejected 68 times but that's not the real number. The real number is 128 I had a crush on and the other 60 they was no point because chances were below 20%-10% of getting them to be my girlfriend.


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  • Yeah it is ok


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  • you need some work, but a lot of us did at that age. you are afraid of what you don't understand and mostly because you lack confidence I think.

    If you got 128 rejections, that I say good for you! You might have fear but you are overcoming it. Now the downside is if you don't get some "yesses" then after a while, that is gonna start to hurt and create emotional problems... no-one can take that amount of rejection without some impact unless they really didn't care. But the fact you are trying and with low % girls says you should be learning something each time and building confidence.

    Learning some basics about female psychology, and especially addressing your insecurities and emotional wound from childhood that hamper your confidence help immensely. then you are free to be the true you, to GIVE positve energy, be fun, enegaging, entertaining conversation... and girls love that... they feed off of it, they want that, and they will respond to you and you will win over some girls, have dates, and discover how incredibly screwed up they are as well... lol! beause they are human as well and quite different mentally.

    Its all an exploration in learning about yourself, learning to love yourself, learning to love others... even the unlovable. Enjoy the game, your gonna get hurt, but don't get hurt too bad, and don't make any huge mistakes that sign you up for a 25 yr commitment with someone you can't stand.