What should I do since he said he's not trying to get in a relationship at the moment?

Met this guy recently who just got out of a long term relationship 3 months ago. 1 year and 6 months. I asked was he interested in being more than friends or just friends and he said just friends for right now because he's not trying to get in a relationship because he just got out of a long one. We previously talked about things like kissing, sex topics and stuff and we were kind of flirting. There was an incident where a ex friend was trying to get him first and they were texting and she was calling him but when I told him I don't like her and what happened between us he stopped texting her and was saying he barely knew her, they just met, it wasn't anything more to it because I thought he liked her. He seems like a good guy and I do want to date him eventually and build up trust and a real friendship first


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