Is it okay to keep checking my dating profile even if I'm going on dates with people who I'm not exclusive with or is it considered rude?

Being that I'm recently single I created a dating profile on a popular website. I've gone on a bunch of dates on it and only clicked with a few people. But my question is even if I'm interested in a prospect, is it okay to keep checking my account? At least two of my dates have mentioned that they checked up on my activity and were disappointed that I was still using my profile. Is this normal? Should I not check my profile so often even if I'm not exclusive with anyone, I'm really confused by this and new to online dating so any tips would be really helpful. Thanks!

She ended up texting me a bunch yesterday so I guess I was worried for nothing. 😊


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  • It's more than fine if you haven't talked about exclusivity yet. It's perfectly normal and there is nothing wrong with that.

    • Ok that makes me feel better. Thank you

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    • I already told you, you did nothing wrong. You need to relax.

    • I'm trying I swear lol

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  • If you're having multiple dates with someone, probably shouldn't.

    If they're bothering you about it after one date, tell them to stop being weird.

    • I think I messed up something with someone I liked. I deactivated my account but we already stopped talking so I think it's too late to do anything about it now. :(

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    • Move if it makes you happy. Just plan it out first.

    • Thanks bro

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