What are the reasons you'd turn down a hang-out invitation?

1. From an old friend you've fallen out of touch with?

2. From a new person trying to make friends with you.

Be as detailed as you possibly can. I'll be looking out for a Best Answer. Thanks : )

Please be as specific and as detailed as you can. That would really help me out a lot. Thanks.


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  • 1)When we've fallen out of touch because we had a huge fight/problem with each other, and I mean really huge so that I would think it doesn't make sense to talk about it(because somebody would get hurt again). But I usually I wouldn't turn it down its always fun to meet old friends

    2) When I really don't like this person or we don't know each other and he/she asks me on Facebook (It would depend on the way he/she asks then, but I usually find it a little creepy)

    • Well, for #2, why wouldn't you like the person? What kind of people would you refuse to make friends with? If someone is innocently trying to get to know you, let's say in real life, what are some reasons you'd turn them down?

    • Mhm I'm not sure. It really depends on the person but I would maybe turn someone down who is dressed all in black.I mean people who are really into this.They kinda freak me out a bit and I don't think would have much in common. I know that its pretty mean saying I don't wanna be freinds with them, but that's just me, I'm sorry.

      And also when we've really never met before a dark street at night wouldn't be a such good idea either, if you're a guy. If you were a girl it would be okay

What Guys Said 1

  • 1.) I have a huge hangover.

    2.) I dislike this person.

    • Could you be more specific about #2? What kind of people would you dislike?