Is he confused? How to make him my boyfriend?

I madly loves a guy and am heels above head after him. He sometimes feels sexual towards me too. However, we are not in a romantic relation till now. Few days ago I asked him, "why dont you like me?" He said, "This is a wrong question." To which I said, "Then do you like me?" He answered, "I am neutral. I neither like you nor dislikes."

How can I make him to like me? Is there any chance?


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  • You can't make anybody do something that they do not want to do. Never can you make a man or anybody do that. Don't be selfish because you badly want him. It's lust. You need to figure out WHY you like him. Other then superficial. Just because he is or may show sexual attraction to you, that's all he's basically looking at. So unless you don't mind just that, that is all your getting from him. No, there isn't any chance, unless he willingly gives his heart to you. And I said 'willingly'.


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  • Nope not anyway. You're just someone to fuck

  • Act like a lady and you will win his heart over.


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