Me and my boyfriend are on a break and I don't know what will happen?

me and my boyfriend have been dating for 4 months and just a couple days ago he said he just doesn't know about us anymore because he says my pressure got to him and I just pushed him to far.. so he said maybe it'd just be better to take a break and work on one another and that he wouldn't be seeing me and texting me, only once in a while to check how I'm doing.. but I just don't want to hold on to hope of me and him getting back together... I just don't know what to do... help?


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  • i see you are young I think you should let it go seeing someone for four months at your age might seem like a long relationship but it really isn't it is very short term and you will go through probably plenty of relationships its all part of learning from trial and error in our lives to be who we will become and decide what is right for us so if I were you I would brush it off and move on and don't stress it it is very much a part of life and love sometimes it hurts sometimes we don't want to let go but at your age men are like buses there will be another one comin in about 15 minutes don't break his heart to bad good luck