- I met my current boyfriend six months ago (I was originally talking to his friend, but ended up with him)

- I have a guy who I've been flirting with on and off for about a year. We've had sex twice (pretty amazing sex too at that) and despite knowing I have a boyfriend, we talk almost everyday and despite me trying to avoid flirtation, it always happens but I try hard to keep it as clean as possible and ignore anything sexua

l - My boyfriend is an amazing guy, but I feel like I rushed becoming official -- two months ago -- instead of waiting it out and seeing if I was ready for a committed relationship.

- My boyfriend knows about the other guy, and is wary, but isn't the type to pick a fight with me unless he knows I'm cheating on him -- which i've never done.

- I have denied every other guy's advances but this one guy -- he's definitely my weakness and he knows it. He's definitely gorgeous and my type down to the letter, but I know for a fact that a) he's not ready to settle down with me any time in the near future b) that he isn't really into dating younger girls (we have a 3 year age gap) c) we'd have a tumultuous relationship

. My boyfriend is an amazing guy, and I feel so terribly that I wasn't sure of what I wanted before I asked for a commitment. I care about him and I want to be with him, but I don't think I'm ready right now. I don't want to run the risk of cheating on him, but I also don't want to close myself off from any other possibilities. I don't know if we should break up, take or break, nor do I know the right words to say. Any advice?


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  • Leave when asked this question always leave.

  • You want to leave your incredible boyfriend for a man who only gives you good sex and that's about all he wants with you? Lol yeah you should leave your boyfriend ASAP. He deserves a better girlfriend than you.

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