My girlfriend loves to hang out with her guy friend and tells me how much fun he is. Am I being jealous or is she disrespecting me?

My girlfriend and I love playing Tennis and we have many friends in a college club. Through this college club my girlfriend met someone who was interested in her in the past and who she was (maybe still) interested in. She would tell me all sorts of stories about how much fun he is and how cute his eyes are. She seems oblivious to how frustrated this makes me. However, I don't show how much it's bothering me when she tell me these stories

Today, the guy friend texted her about wanting to play around 10 PM today. She wanted to cook something for me before that but I told her that we wouldn't have time to do that if she wanted to play Tennis. I just said to her to have fun playing Tennis and gave her a big smile. What really bothered me is what she told me when she called at 12 AM.

She said she had the greatest time of her life playing Tennis with the guy and that they had so much fun. He taught her some Spanish words and she said they had great conversations. She even told me that he "Is an angel sent from god" to make her happy. She doesn't like playing doubles with me and at every opportunity plays doubles with her "favorite" doubles partner, him. We're both evenly matched in terms of Tennis skill. Every time I suggest playing doubles with her she refuses. She's going to playing with him more often and maybe hang out after.

Despite all of this I show her a confident man who wouldn't let the thought of a guy hanging out with his girlfriend phase him in the slightest. I kept showing her my fake smile every time she mentions having fun with other guys.

She told me a couple of days ago that she plans to spend the rest of her life with me which is a big deal for her to say; that her search for a great boyfriend was over.

We've been dating for 6 months and this is her first relationship at 22. She's done similar disrespectful things to me in the past.

Am I just being too jealous? I'm afraid that she'll lose interest in me eventually. I'm thinking about moving on.


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  • Yeah wtf?

    How does she think this is OKAY? You don't hang out with other dudes one-on-one when in a relationship. She has no idea about boundaries and you need to stop trying to be the "confident man who wouldn't let the thought of a guy hanging out with his girlfriend phase him in the slightest" and start being the guy who puts his foot down and doesn't let his woman disrespect him like that.
    Seriously there is no such thing as having a genuine friend of the opposite sex. He wants to bone her. There is no other reason he wants to hang out with her. Wake up dude. And she needs to wake up as well. What a fucking ditz.

    With my last ex, I didn't like it when he told me he had text message conversations with a girl who lived in a different state. I didn't like it at all. If he had done what your girlfriend is doing, I would have dumped his ass just for that.


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  • She is probably testing you. Keep up the fake smiles. If you crack for even a second she is going to push it even harder.


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  • God... I wanted to say you're jealous, but she keeps seeming to upping stakes to force jealousy out of you no matter what.

    What she is doing is insanely disrespectful. She isn't having a friendship. If she was interested in him at one point, that's enough of a reason to say don't hang out with him. Respecting people's opposite sex friends is one thing, but not when there's interest there.

    To talk about how he's an angel for her happiness? His eyes? How amazing he is? You should NOT be talking like that about anyone else...
    And I'm sorry, why is she going out with this guy at 10pm to midnight? That's not times you're out with other guys, especially when she's so adamant about you not being there.

    You should tell her enough is enough and if she wants a future with you, to stop flirting with this guy. Or you're done. It's disrespectful and you are most definitely in your right to say that.

  • You're being jealous. It's normal and healthy to have friendships with all genders regardless of being in a relationship.

    Do you want to make it where she doesn't tell you about her friends and it creates a rift between you?

  • disrespect

  • Seriously you are right to be jealous.
    If I were you I'm fucking mad already. Are you fucking kidding me...
    Your girl is either very very immature trying to make you jealous in very very disrespectful way, or she's just plain rude and bluntly disrespecting you right now.
    I seriously want you to move on. Either way, let's say she just trying to make you jealous, like still that's extremely immature of her to pull off the game like that. If my boyfriend were like that to me I already broke up. She obviously knows that's going to make you jealous or uncomfortable. She knows it and still does it, she's not worth it. You deserve better than this. If she was just being plain honest with you about this guy friend, she just doesn't give a shit about you she's being very disrespectful. She chose to play tennis with him over dinner with you that night. who does that to her boyfriend... Drop her you deserve better.


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