How to stop messing up when a guy likes me?

I am really good at charming guys I'm not romantically interested in and I'm even better when they're much older and it would never work. My main issue is that if I talk to a guy friend or someone I am romantically interested in, all of that charm disappears and it's almost as if I'm deliberately trying sabotage myself. The way I talk to the way I compose myself completely changes and I have no idea how to stop it, any advice?


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  • Don't over think it and try not to sabotage things Try to be neutral to both guy's your interested in and not interested in. I know its hard but it will take a lot of patience and maybe even practice to break the habit.


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  • Try and imagine them as if you're interacting with a friend; you can be yourself. Takes practice though. Saying that you flirting with guys/older guys you're not interested in sounds a bit shallow and poor attempt at an ego boost to be honest, so I think there's a confidence issue somewhere. Love yourself and know you're fabulous inside and out.

    • It's not necessarily on purpose, I flirt naturally when I talk. If someone told me to flirt on the spot I wouldn't know what to do, it just happens. Insecure is the last word anyone would use to describe me.