What would be a good first date for a young woman who is 25 y/o?

I'm 23 y/o she's 25. We knew of and spoke to each other for about a 2 years but end of last year something tragically happened in her life that brought us closer cause I knew what she was going through and I actually showed I cared ( before I even got to know her). I started to talk to her and joke with her to make her laugh and smile. We got to know each other and found out we have a lot in common. 7 months later we are starting to show one another affection through touch, caring enough to remember big events, helping one another smile by being around each other and we have very strong chemistry. I feel as if she was hinting at me to take her out but I was to slow to pickup to what she was saying. My guard is down and I'm relaxed around her so I wasn't thinking. ... the reason why I asked only 3 girls out I thought I was going to get rejected so I didn't have nothing planned I winged it all 3 times. Movies, out to eat or spending quality time on the river. But she's different she actually helped motivated me and believed in my ability to get started on my dreams and we'll here I am on that path to my dreams... I know she likes me too so what would be a good first date if you was 25 and in medical school?


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  • Take her to dinner


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