Was I friendzoned?

So i went out with this girl, and i myself am not too sure if her intentions were just hanging out as friends or going out as a date. Anyway, we went on a date and i assume that everything is great since we started at around 3 and finished at about 9 at night. But throughout the date there were several things that i felt was a red flag:
1. when she said 'you shouldve told x (mutual friend) to come'.
2. as i was sitting accross her, she told me to sit next to her.
3. i asked her if she would like to do this again and she said 'i don't mind'. Hmm sounded like she isn't very enthusiastic
4. We texted for a bit, and she said 'confused if i should take you seriously or not'

So, i need your expertise since i am oblivious towards these.
Any insights toward this situation would be great.


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  • First off, were these dates actually labelled as 'dates'? Or is this just what you've called them? I doubt this girl would agree to go on an actual date with you if she was planning to friend zone you.
    She may struggle with nerves or feel awkward for reasons. If she wasn't interested at all I don't see why she'd still be contacting you. I would probably advise you to ask her straight up how she feels about where things are going, does she only see you as a friend or feels like getting to know you better could turn into something good?
    It's probably the only way you're gonna find out, and will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run if she cannot be bothered to carry things on.

    • well this what i called them. i had the intention of having it as a date but not sure if she views it the same way. She always mention the word awkward so that might be a thing. we did sort of say yes to a second meetup, but im just waiting on when she would be availabe as she did say that she'll let me know when she's free.

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    • i did ask her if this was a date and she said 'maybe'

    • Well in that case, she sounds confused. Give her time and after getting to know each other better, ask her what she wants from it all.

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  • Be clear and set dates.. not "hang outs".
    Stop texting. Save the conversation for "dates". If you dump your load in texts and phone calls, you will have nothing to talk about in person.
    Next time, have the "date", wait a few days and call her up and ask when you can see her again. Not "Would you like to do this again", especially during a date (I really hope you did not ask her that while still on the first one).

    • actually i don't text her a lot. She used to be my workmate so its kinda hard to tell. I told her that I've been craving waffles and would love to go for waffles with her. She then said im busy on Saturday but maybe Sunday. Thats how the 'meet up' was established.

      Hmmm, i guess i got a different advice. I was told i should ask her out during the end of the date. Damn,

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    • I did ask her if this was a date and she said 'maybe'

    • Ooooh, that sounds so promising.

      Set a real date. If she accepts and shows up.. then there is no question. Make things crystal clear from here on out. Ambiguity is a big turn off for both sexes.

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  • You did not make your intention clear. If she is confused, you did not take her on a date. You and her hung out for the day. Try this again but take her on a real date.

  • Never mind


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  • Yeah sorry fam but look at it this way there's literally billions of women odds are you can do better

  • sorry, only losers complain about friendzoning.