Why did she do this?

So at a party last night with my new girl friend. It was her work party, people were drinking. An older cougar that we have hung out with before gave me a super sexy wet kiss on my cheek as I hugged her to leave. My girl wasn't around but she did this right in front of her boyfriend. I was like whoa! It felt super awkward in front of her boyfriend.

A. Why did she do this?

B. wtf?


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  • Either:
    A): Drunk as a Skunk
    B): To Get his Goat in Getting him Jealous.
    If the 'New Girl Friend' Asks you About it, just Tell her That, "Paris gave me 2 Choices."
    However, could there be a "C" that I am Missing here, dear? Like "Concealment" in which you are Giving her a Hug as you are Leaving... Did you 'Leave' a Little Secret at the Party that is Supposedly Over?
    Good luck. xx

    • What do you mean leave something?

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    • Well hug friends that are girls all the time: American culture

    • lol I am an American, but this woman is a "Stranger," and if you really didn't Talk with her much or not at all at the party, a simple handshake would have been sufficient. And no need to have her plant a kiss on your cheek, unless she was a bit tipsy or maybe more... I have seen it all, believe me. xx

  • She was probably drunk/she felt like doing it/she wanted to make him jealous.


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  • She probably wanted to make him jealous.

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