Girlfriend acting strange?

So I don't know much about my girlfriends friends because we met after high school and she never invites me to anything with them. I notice a lot of messages recently from this guy that she went to high school with and they talk A LOT. i haven't said anything cause we've only been dating for 3 months and i don't want to come off as over protective. in the beginning of our relationship she loved to hangout whenever she could and she couldn't get enough of texting me (good morning every morning and goodnight every night) but now i can barely get her to even answer me over about the past week. I'm very nice and respectful to her so i don't get it. What do i do?


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  • Communication is key in any and all relationships, so I would just ask her face to face. Don't text her about it because you could come across completely different to her than what you actually mean.

    • i don't even know how to say it without her thinking i'm accusing her or don't trust her. Anyway i say it in my head just sounds like i'm attacking her. she's already acting distant so i dont want to push her away even more.

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