Why was he texting (before we slept together) me a lot more frequently than he is now (after three dates)? Is he not into me anymore?

I know this guy from an online dating site (mainly know for hooking up) but I clearly told him I see him as more than that. In the beginning (i. e. before our second date, so before we had sex) he'd respond quickly, like within a few hours. Now we've been on three dates and it's taking him more than a day to respond (I texted him last night at 9pm and now it's 6pm the next day - still no response).

He has a very busy life, though - he has his own business and is essentially always working. Is that the reason as to why it's taking him so long? Or did he lose interest?

Also, at first we actually discussed things on whatsapp, but now it's only about arranging things for our next date.

  • He's just busy, don't worry about it.
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  • He probably lost interest and only sees you as a hookup.
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  • Guys dont really like texting. Its something we do only to get pussy. Once we have pussy on the line, the texting slows down.

    • Meaning you don't care about the girl at all?

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    • That's not a bad idea. Make him squirm a little.

    • Thanks for your help, it's especially helpful because you're about as old as he is. I've waited more than 24 hours for his response, but he is able to go on tinder = he can go fuck himself.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I will be Fair for Now Somehow, and give Tom the Benefit of th eDoubtful Thomas... Busy and is letting you Know too, he has Another Life and this is what it is.
    However, to Keep the Spice in the Beginning of your Beguine here, dear, don't be so Easy and Stay way up at the Top of that Tree, where he Has a Harder time in Reaching you and Grabbing for you. You don't Want this Chase and Challenge to End.
    You do Not know him well Enough to know this "Busy Beaver.' So play it Safe for now.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. Some are just dicks who don't Like texting and some are really busy but not actually a dick. xx

    • Nah he was a dick that was busy, too :) Anyhow I decided to end things.

    • I figured but I thought I had seen someone on here using the word "Coward," and no talways the case, some are just busy and Not good texters. xxoo

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  • He's just busy, don't worry about it.


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  • Tinder I assume? Honestly guys try really hard in the beginning of any new relationship (friends/FWB/SO) because they're trying to catch you. Once they have you they simmer down a bit, you're not as big of a priority. Don't take it personally, it just always seems to happen. This same exact thing happened to me, and we still talk once every 3/4 days and it's been 7 months now. He's just super busy and I try not to push it.

    • But are you in a relationship with him now? Or are you just a FWB? Because I really don't want to become just another girl..

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    • Then maybe bring it up, in person though?

    • I used flamite to find out when he was last online on tinder. Turns out he was able to check his account literally 2 minutes ago. Fuck him.