Any Indian girls here who can help me out?

Hi, at my university there a lot of Indian girls, like from India not Indian American
Some i find very beautiful, but I don't know about their cultural norms etc
Do I just say hello, and approach them like any other girls, or is that offensive

Sorry if I sound ignorant, but there is an Indian girl who just stole my breath. Her hair is shiny black and her skin is tan and soft. her eyes are big and brown. and her smile is just makes me weak lol

So any idea how Should I approach her?


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  • There are a few


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  • Well I am a guy and I am from India and honestly speaking even I don't understand some of the cultural norms and it doesn't make any sense to logically as well so it's not a surprise that you don't know the cultural norms of I

    It would basically depend on what kind of a girl she is. I mean if she is a modern girl coming from a rich family and raised in a metro city of India then it wouldn't be a problem, she wouldn't mind at all.

    However if she is coming from a middle class background from a old fashioned traditional family then she might not appreciate you making a move. I mean if she is coming from a middle class, traditional family background then it's likely that she would be shy, reserved and she will not be comfortable with these things.

    Now that you hardly know about these facts, I would suggest you should first try to make friends with her and then slowly take things forward.

    I have a small suggestion, if you don't mind.

    • Thanks a lot! Classes just started so I don't much about her but I will approach her anyways! Thank you!

      Please offer a suggestion 😊

    • Yes, the suggestion wanted to give you was that if you have decided to go for an Indian girl only then my suggestion would be that you should go for a high class, modern Indian girl brought up in a metro city of India ( preferrably).

      ok, now this was the small suggestion I wanted to give you. Of course if you want to know more or you need an explanation I can do that but it would be a bit long. Hence if you are curious to know more then let me know and I'll explain my above suggestion otherwise I'll leave it to that.

    • There is a reason as to why I gave you that suggestion, a very important reason.