Just another dumb text related question?

Alright. So I met this woman at the pub on Friday night & I eventually asked her out for a coffee & she said yes (as friends - which is cool with me) So I got her digits & after a couple of beers & lots of banter with her & a few others @ our table we went our separate ways. Later that night I sent her a text just saying how nice was it was to meet you & your friend tonight, and that I shall give you (her) a call next weekend for a coffee, then proceeded to end the text with have a good night from your random friend at the pub. It wasn't an open ended text message as such, so I guess I shouldn't expect a reply, let alone panic -lolz- Question is should I wait a bit longer to call for that coffee, or keep my word? In hindsight I probably shouldn't have sent the text message, that's alcohol for you though :/. I'm too old for this now, hah. I should add that I do like her quite a lot, she's very attractive & has a great personality.


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  • How long are you waiting to call for that coffee? That text message feels like there's no need to expect a reply. You should call when you said you would call.

    • Well, I was always planning on calling her this weekend coming as stated in the text, which I shall. I just had my doubts that it may be a little too soon considering I'd just met her & I don't want to come off too keen etc etc. Not to worry I guess ;-s. Thanks for the response.

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