Should I tell him how much I miss him?

So there is this guy. I like him very much. We made plans to go out but never followed through. And in a week we went from lovers to not even talking. The last text I sent him was that I was feeling annoying that I was the only one texting first to check how he was. Do you think it was a mistake sending him that text? Now that time passed I really miss him and I wish that we could go the the way we where before. Do you think I should text him to tell him I miss him?


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  • Did he reply to your last message? If not, then he doesn't really care and you should not bother with him.

    • He didn't answer my last 4 messages. Which were
      1. How are you doing?
      2. How were the interviews he had
      3. If he wanted to meet up cause it would be great to see his face again cause I miss him
      4. That I M sorry that I am being annoying but I do not give up on someone I really care about.
      I really care about him and I really do miss him. That is why I want to keep trying. I am very heart broken at this point as he is not texting back but if you can suggest a way maybe to get him back it would be great

    • Give up, I don't think he's interested. Find someone else.

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  • Definitely, don't lose something good if you don't have to


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