Sometimes I don't hear from him all day, bad sign?

I am getting to know a guy long distance, we met online. I am really struggling to figure him out. In the next couple of weeks I plan on visiting him for a day (he lives in another city, short plane ride away), he seems excited. I have noticed sometimes it takes ages for him to reply (12hrs or so) or another text from me. We Skype chat a couple times a week and we spend hours chatting. The thing is I cannot figure out his text habits, one moment seems disinterested, next moment texting me good morning/night 1st. So far the most texts I have sent unanswered, hours apart was 4 and 2 hours, no response. He usually texts back as though nothing happened. What is going on?


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  • Maybe he found someone who lives where he lives.. Or maybe he's way too busy.. Most guys just do the internet thing as a time pass


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  • It means he doesn't give a shit about you.
    He texts you whenever he feels like/bored.
    If he cares you respects you, he replies back to your text. And never leave you hanging.
    You deserve better don't bother with this guy he doesn't sound right.

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