I'm going on a date with a guy whose come out of a 10 year relationship! How do I handle this?

Met a lovely guy through friends, and he asked me out for a drink. I then discovered he came out of a ten year relationship only a few months ago. I myself, broke up with my ex boyfriend of four years in February but I'm ready to move on and find another potential boyfriend. We're both 25, so I'm guessing his ex was a high-school sweetheart. She's now dating a guy in his 40's at her place of work. Anyway, we're both in similar places. My ex was my longest relationship, we got together at 21 and was my first love. I'm not about to rush anything with a guy, as I'm looking for potential commitment in the future. Any tips?


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  • Have sex with him on first date. At least a blowjob in the car. You will lock him in for a long time relationship.

    • Your wife's job at hooters must pay well for your 10 kids on welfare ;)

    • I'm giving you good advice. Take it or don't.

    • I appreciate good sarcasm... Only when it's done right

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  • Don't think too much about it. At least you know that he's capable of holding a long term relationship, so that potential commitment thing shouldn't be an issue. A lot of times, especially in relationships that have lasted that long but have ended, the last few months/years might have been dragged out because neither wanted to break it off, but they really weren't invested in it anymore. Like you said, you were able to move on from a few years long relationship in a few months, and he might be at that place too. Sometimes you know when a relationship is already over, even if you haven't officially broken it off. Treat it like a normal date. Ask whatever questions you need (without being too prodding or nosy), but you'll see soon enough whether or not he's ready to date.

    • Thanks, yeah I'm probably overthinking it! I've been dating a few months and it's been a bit foreign and its screwed me over a few times. The last year in my last relationship just dragged, and we felt more like friends than a couple X

    • yea exactly. that might have happened with him as well, you never know. so there's a good possibility he's not emotionally attached (and might not have been for a while) anymore.

  • All I can say is go into it with caution and go slowly. Also try not to overthink things, it's your first date and pretty much anything can happen. Nothing is set in stone and there's not a guarantee you'll even be all that interested in each other. So just see what happens and how he is. I think you might be getting a bit too ahead of yourself.

    • Thanks for the advice, I need to stop overthinking it aha