What are your main red flags?

Things that make you think 'hmmm I don't know about him/her?"


Most Helpful Girl

  • Bad temper
    History with drugs or alcohol
    Not motivated to go to school or get a job
    Doesn't want to work out and be healthy or eat healthy
    Disrespectful to my family


Most Helpful Guy

  • Dishonest
    Loud and obnoxious
    No pride
    Not feminine
    Drinks heavily
    Uses drugs
    Wants to know how much money I earn


What Girls Said 13

  • - He has many hot females friends on FaceBook
    - He has many pictures kissing girls, or girls kissing him and in his/their arms
    - He follows many regular attractive girls on IG (not celebrities)
    -He's very attractive, and surprisingly single
    - Many party and alcohol pictures.
    - Not respectful to his family specially parents
    -Not respectful to god
    - Doesn't like the idea of marriage and kids
    - Is unemployed and doesn't look for a job
    - Doesn't have a University degree/diploma
    - Has way too many exes and/ or hookups

    • You won't find any men unlike that

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    • @anonman32 Nah son, she LOVES 31 year old bums with no job. I'll marry Elissa only for her to come home to me a jobless bum with smelly feet. She'll work all day while I play video games and get fat slowing turning into a 40 year old mega loser. We'll have kids we can't afford so now we're homeless on the streets.

      Our only choice is to sell the kids for money but Elissa would be like noo. I'm like WE NEED THE MONEYZ! and she be like NOOOZ! 2 months later we sold the kids for moldy food. Elisse and I die of food poisoning.

      JustbANNAz comes back blog'n about how Aeon died an epic death at the hands of an evil woman named Elissa. She starts crying screaming AEON I LOVE YOU!

    • @Aeon_Flux_21 HAHAHAHAHAHHA Omg wtf xD

  • Slept with multiple people
    Never been in a serious relationship
    No friends/close family
    Disrespectful to people (family, servers, etc)
    My parents don't like him
    Wants to change me
    Careless with spending or too frugal
    Bad hygiene
    Doesn't have a sense of humor
    Doesn't life a healthy lifestyle

    Those aren't listed in any particular order.

    • Why is 'never been in a serious relationship' and issue for you? What if he has just been too busy for one?

    • That's totally fine. Like the questions asked- these are just red flags.

      If he hadn't been in a long term relationship before it could mean that he wasn't ready to settle down and possibly still isn't. So I'd look out for that. However, if he was just too busy that's completely different

  • Getting too close too fast, wanting to spend everysinglewakingmoment together.

  • Is divorced
    Has a kid
    Always complains and/or talks about his exes
    Only text me late at night
    Will not go out in public with me
    Talks about sex immediately
    Verbally abusive
    Has no job
    Lies about little things
    Is separated
    Will not introduce his friends to me

    • I can understand most of these, even the lies about little things one (lets face it, some people only lie if its something big, others take the big thing seriously and lie about small stuff), but why is the single dad thing a red flag? The guy is taking care of a child. It may not be desirable, but damn, it takes responsibility and maturity. Unless he's a complete idiot, I'd expect that to be a sign on adulthood. Why is it bad?

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    • @RedHood7 it is a bad sig n because I do not want to be with a man who most likely has a jaded view of marriage and relationships and brings his baggage on me

    • Oh, there's that too. Yeah, I guess you're right about most.

  • I always pay attention to how he treats to waiter/waitress and though this rule may be seen as overused, It is very important for me how he treats to someone who does their job, whether he's respectful to them or not.
    If he is rude to them then he loses me.
    Once one guy lost me at that point when he said something disrespectful to the security police who did his job.

  • Only wanting sex and making out
    Not being loyal
    Not being 'kind' (not nice, but kind.)
    Acting like a douche bag/show off/basic fuckboy/flirting with other girls

  • If he's constantly looking at his phone when were together, if he doesn't communicate well, and if he gets upset over little things that shouldn't be an issue

  • *Asking me for another date while we are still on the first one.
    *Any resentment at all about my lifestyle, no matter how small.
    *Sentences that contain "Im not like that" or "I would never do that"
    *People not allowing me to leave when I want to.

  • Finding out they lied to me.
    Hiding their phones or turning them upside down.
    Not replying to my messages or answering their phone.
    Always being "busy".

  • -if they don't like my friends or my friends don't like them.
    -if they don't like me as a person and think I'm something I'm not
    -if they gossip too much

  • LIES ❌❌❌

  • No decent job

  • "I don't have a job" or "I love to get drunk"


What Guys Said 13

  • Overweight, at all.
    Over 25.
    The latest phone, 'hottest' fashions, that kind of thing, but no means of paying for it herself.
    Entitlement attitude.
    College degree.
    Travels a lot.
    Gives off a slut vibe.

    Those are what springs to mind immediately.

    • Overweight? You sir, are so very arrogant and ignorant. It's actually quite pathetic.

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    • Well it takes two graceful agers to make a son or daughter who also graciously ages so it's nit just the men.

  • 1. A relationship killer- If she says she's hungry and doesn't know what/where she's wants to eat.
    2. A sign that it won't make it past friends with benefits status- If she's a "Cat lady"... owns multiple cats.
    3. If she never wants to do anything and always is tired or wants to stay at home. I'm a outdoors/active person... laziness won't fly with me.
    4. If she is doesn't know how to communicate... WOMEN ARE FAR WORSE AT COMMUNICATING THAN MEN, I can't stand when they blow up for no reason just because they don't know how to express themselves (like an adult) when they run into an issue.
    5. She's Vegan or vegetarian... I love food especially seafood, barbecues (cheese burgers, hotdogs, ribs, chicken) If we can't eat mostly the same things... it's doomed.

  • The plain old "Gut Instincts" - I think "Red Flags" are just your subconscious tapping you on the shoulder going "I think he/she is wrong for you" - It is like with person A you could run screaming but with person B they do the same thing and you stay.
    I have been in a relationship where red flags were waving all around me but I stayed and I would have left sooner from someone else for a whole lot less.

  • You mean in general, about the opposite gender right? There are many actually.

  • 1/ feminist
    the rest tend to fall UNDER #1 but here they are:
    2/ psychopath or narcissist
    3/ entitled
    4/ selfishness
    5/ materialistic
    6/ never wrong
    7/ unfair rulebook on behaviors
    8/ abusive, calls names-means violence is ahead.
    9/ dishonest
    10/ head games

  • 1-Entitlement
    3-Wants me for what I have, not who I am/gold digger
    4-Thinks too much of herself/diminishes others constantly
    5-Used to hookup with "bad boys", specially the prettier, richer and more experienced ones
    6-Says she's deeply religious but never acts like it/liar
    7-Has no personality whatsoever/literally just a pretty face

  • Estremist political views
    Big spender
    Couch potato

  • Kids, omnipresent ex, drugs and smoking. Drama.

  • -only listens to radio friendly pop music
    -extremely leftist/sjw
    -no tattoos or piercings
    -Hates cats
    -very religious

  • dunno, but you look fat, so possibly this on your count.

  • Insecurity

  • unrealistic expections (also in life) / not down to earth
    bitching around
    cheat history
    goes straight forward on me but hides something from me