A girl hinted that she would would want to be fuckfriends. How do I invite her out?

Like can we go in public to a restaurant? Do I just ask for netflix and chill? She also hinted that she had a "boy friend" but im really not sure if its a platonic, another fuckfriend or a boyfriend and frankly I don't really care.

I was telling my typical joke of:
-Mommy, how did you and daddy know each other?
-Well dear we started as fuckfriends.
And then she said:
-We don't have to say everything you know?
and later she said:
-Sometimes it can start from that and develop further.
And she gave me a pretty non-subtle look, less subtle than that she would have winked.


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  • Tell her to watch a movie together at your place.


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  • Invite her to come play video games. Netflix and chill is over used.