Guys, gave a guy a compliment and weird response?

Told a guy that I thought he was attractive via email. No response for a couple of days then told me he doesn't take compliments well. That's it. Why not say thank you, etc? I take it he's not interested.


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  • Well if he told you that he doesn't take compliments well means that is the truth, he means it. Yes there are guys, there are people who don't take compliments well and they themselves don't compliment other either, not much at least.

    I mean they know how good they are, they believe in themselves but they don't believe the words of other people. It's possible.

    Honestly even I am not good at taking compliments so that's understandable.

    Moreover his reaction is not in your hands, I mean you cannot expect him to react in a certain way. If he doesn't want to say thank you he will not say it, no matter what you may think about him. You can do two things, you can either keep complimenting him whenever you think that's right and don't expect a reaction from him, understand he is that kind of person who doesn't respond to compliments.

    However if his lack of reaction to your compliments is bothering you then don't compliment him. I mean if it's important for you that the other person should respond to compliments in a way that you think is normal and if they are not doing that, then simply don't compliment them.

    You saying that he is not interested because he is not reacting, accepting your compliments doesn't make any sense. Just because a person is not responding to compliments doesn't mean they are not interested in conversing with you at all.

    What is more important is apart from compliments how much interest and curiosity does he show while interacting with you? is he good in communication skills, does he respond, reply to your texts, messages quickly?

    If the answers to these questions are positive then you shouldn't worry about the fact that they are not responding to your compliments that you give them.

    • He hasn't tried to get in touch since

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    • Basically, if you have to sit back and try to figure out what someones thinking, etc, it isn't meant to be.

    • Yes, you can say that.

  • I'm not trying to be mean, just thinking about it as a guy if I did that to a girl it either means he's into a dif girl or he's just not into you at all. Sorry

    • But not even to say "thank you" was so rude!

    • I agree, some guys just have some inner issues or something

  • Maybe he is interested, but too shy.