How to obsessing over a girl?

I am obsessed about a girl...

To the typical eye, she is just a typical girl... Went to school, works an entry level job and that's it.

But to me, I love her...( And she doesn't love me :'( )

I find her life so interesting and intriguing, I know so much about her... From what she has told me, to what's on her Facebook... and I sometimes I hear what she is up to from other friends...

If I could watch her 24/7 I would... but I can't... and I know it's creepy and I would never stalk her... Don't get me wrong, I am just saying I would love to watch her... Like a TV show or something...

I am constantly thinking about her... What she is up to, What she is feeling, What is going on in her life...

I know she broke up with her boyfriend, she told me she was fine... but I know she is not...

Everyday I think about her... Every night I dream about her... She gives me heartache...

I love her... It really sucks that she says she doesn't feel the same way ( But I know she likes me to some extent... she has to)

I am new to this love thing... I don't know... It doesn't help I see her everyday too...


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  • I think sweetie, you need to stop bending over back for her.
    I know you're new to this and love is a hard thing.
    But obsessing over someone is never the answer!
    There's a possibility she will never love you her entire life. So it's up to you now baby to open your eyes and look the other way.
    The might be perfect but you need to be able to see real love when it walks your way.
    The type of love that goes both ways.
    Good luck x

    • It really hurts that she will never love me... it hurts that I will never know even if she did and I blew it :'(

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  • I hope you're joking because what you've written if pretty pathetic. Why are you giving so much value to someone who doesn't think the same about you? You do realize obsessing over someone is extremely unattractive right.. Especially if they don't feel the same about you to begin with? If you ever wanted any chance of getting with this girl, you'd have to develop some self respect, stop thinking about her all the time and actually focus on your own personal interests... You know things that can improve YOU, not someone else and then maybe she might see you under a more attractive light rather than a slightly creepy and obsessed doormat that's always there for her.

    • I know it's unattractive...

      I know I will never be with her..

      but I can't stop...

    • Well then you're going to have to accept that you're a low va

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