Girls, the guy I'm seeing has just left for a solo overseas trip for a month, what are some tips for while he's away?

Obviously I'm going to miss him a lot. We see each other 3-4 times a week and have been officially seeing each other for 4 months (almost 5 this month) but have known each other for just under a year. What are some tips I should know for while he's away? Anything to help me miss him less and whatever else you've got


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  • This is a great opportunity to have some girl time! Go for drinks, movies, have a night in with face masks and ice cream, go to the gym, go for walks... pack in as much fun stuff as possible, you have fun and at the same time when he calls, you have lots to tell him. The month will seem to pass much quicker than if you are just sat waiting for his return x

    • Thank you that's great! I'm trying to stay as busy as possible. I think I'm just scared he won't call or miss me and when he gets back his feelings would have changed. I know silly thoughts but I think because we don't have the title yet of boyfriend and girlfriend that it makes me feel a bit insecure. We have said we aren't talking to anyone else but the title can come if things continue great when he gets back

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