Could you tell how a person's dating life is based on his/her Facebook (if they are in their twenties and active on FB daily)?

FOR CLARIFICATION, by dating life, I mean if they are talking to someone, interacting with someone, going on dates (NOT a relationship), or if they get many guys/girls?

My thinking is... Like if a girl always likes a guys posts (they could be friends, I know) but that could definitely be a hint they are talking. Or if they comment on things, etc.

So my question is, if you see any interactions on Facebook, or lack thereof, could it give insight into who they may be talking to?

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  • Maybe you can tell about their dating life. Some people post pics, tag where they are hanging out and where they are going on fb. So it makes it easy to see what they are going. If a girl likes a guys pics a lot and posts. I would assume either she has a huge crush on him and likes him or they are dating. I don't think friend's would like every post and pic a person posts on fb. That would seem to much for me.

  • no i can't tell


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