How can I get my boyfriend back after I said I didn't love him?

We had a fight over me not lending him money and looking through his phone. He told me to leave and I was moody and I was in pain, so I yelled I told him that he probably didn't love me if he said that he hates liars and if i didn't make the effort (to buy him stuff) why am i in a relationship with him. He feels like he deserves things and he has high expectations that are beyond my reach sometimes. I was upset crying on my way home, and I said that if he didn't want to be in a relationship that's fine. He blamed me the entire time, telling me that I should put in effort and I never did, and I lied to him; so he doesn't care anymore- 'it's whatever now'.

I felt hurt and I thought it was up to me to fix things, but he got more tired of me and he got more passive aggressive and he continued to blame me. He told his friends that I was an unloyal hoe and he asked his friend to hook him up with a girl. He flirted with two older women (he's pretty young/my age compared to them) by sending them hearts and winky faces, and he signed up for this thing on this game that sets guys and girls up together. I didn't know that until much later, I was working overnight and he texted me like twice. it was only one argument but he was being so passive aggresive, he always forgave me and i always forgave him. also he was a bit manipulative,

I was so hurt that I thought I should break up with him because he's already looking for another girl and he gave up on me. Also, he's tried to flirt with other girls on many occasions. I told him i'm not in love anymore and i didn't like him measuring effort. I tried to act like I don't care but I only said that to save myself in the future so I made it impossible to get back with him.

He's a bit control
I dont want to be clingy but I realized I miss him and want him back. I think there are guys who are nicer but i only want him.


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  • Why do you want him back? You can do MUCH better than this guy. He sounds very narcissistic and TRUST ME this relationship will never get better, he won't change. Give yourself a month without him - don't contact him at all or browse through his social media (it won't be easy but stay focuses). Use that month to organise to do as much fun stuff with your friends as you can, hit the gym, eat healthy and generally do things that make you feel good. Go out and talk to a couple of new people every day. I bet that you will meet someone amazing and wonder why you ever bothered with such a destructive relationship. You need to start being high value. Good luck x


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  • Nothing about this relationship is healthy and it would behoove you to try another one.

  • why would you want him back anyway?


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