Does she want to be just friends or more?

So, I went on a date with this girl and it lasted 5 hours! We talked literally non-stop, but I didn't see any signs of attraction. She didn't flirt with me. I went in for a kiss, but she let me kiss her on the cheek, and she mentioned she's traditional and doesn't kiss on the first dates. (She actually mentioned that she's traditional even before me trying to kiss her.) Mainly because she grew up in a catholic family.

After midnight, she said she didn't wanna be rude but she had to go. When the cab arrived, she quickly said goodnight and left. There was no lingering.

Today she texted me a YouTube link. A music video of one of the songs she told me about last night.

What's that supposed to mean? Honestly, I didn't think I'd hear back from her! Does she just want to be friends? Or is she interested for more? Usually if a woman is not interested, the first date doesn't last 5 hours!

I'm confused! What do you think?


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  • She's interested I think, or at the very least wants a friendship. She doesn't dislike you.
    Sending you the youtube link shows she actually enjoyed talking to you and thought of you the next morning.
    The kiss thing doesn't mean she doesn't like yo, some people just are traditional or not into that and you said yourself she had mentioned it prior, so it's not like it was out of nowhere she says that. In my mind, she could've just rejected it and said nothing (if she didn't like you) but she chose to explain herself because she didn't want to upset you.

    But, just go with it. Say you enjoyed it, you liked the clip she sent, talk about that, bring up something else she may have mentioned (shows you were listening). Mention wanting to catch up again, perhaps propose a time.


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  • Well, it's possible she is taking things slowly but she doesn't dislike you. Surely she wants a friendship at least.


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  • You are the man, act like it haha - she's opened the lines of communication again so text her and say you really enjoyed her company and had a fun time and see what she responds. Make your own plans to go/visit somewhere then tell her you are going and ask if she would like to come along. She's a woman, she will be waiting for you to make the next move x

  • well she prob laid back thats why she doesn't give kiss on first dates.
    well how was the date with her you said there no attraction then why did you stay 5 hours? honestly don't waste your time with someone who seems not interested and then shows interest. give it some space text her or i meant CALL and take her out again if she's says no or she busy , she playing games or not interested , don't settle for less !

  • sounds like she's not interested in you because it's she is giving you all the excuses of why she is doing what she is doing. if she loved you she would spend the rest of her day with you.


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  • She's interested but definitely will take her time sexually.

    I wouldn't expect anything other than cuddling for the first six months.

    Source: I only date Asian girls, they are like this.

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