What else do women want?

i heard once that women want a man with 2 keys
car keys
and his own home key

i have those things now. My car is kind of crappy it only cost me $4000
and my apartment is really nice but small (I share it with 3 other people)
but I am trying so hard.

i thought these things would boost my confidence and help me find and keep a good girl.
but it hasn't at all.

I am not ugly either lol it's not that. My personality is kind of introverted but I still manage to approach ladies and get phone numbers. But I can't seem to get a date or hold a girls interest for more than a few weeks!
i am ambitious to get my degree and open a business. I have so many plans but just need time!

what do women Want from a guy like me?


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  • They want spark and connection both emotionally and physically.
    They want pizza and beer with a good horror movie.
    They want chemistry both sexual and mental.
    They want humour and silly moments.
    They want a guy with a car and his own apartment and studying to get a degree.
    They want all manner of things tbh.

    You see you have the things that a woman would want but only you will really know why it doesn't work out for longer than a few weeks.

    Who breaks with who and what are the reasons given?

    • It's usually time
      I don't have enough time to spend with them
      I start my new job soon and once that happens I won't have more than 3 hours a day to myself.

      I try and be funny, and I always treat them to dinner, I am always down to watch a movie
      I don't think some of these girls have emotions, they just see a free meal and a good time
      Plus a ride...
      I am frustrated I just want a girlfriend, so I know I have someone who cares about me and I can have someone to help me relax a bit at times and be supportive. I literally ask for nothing
      I think that's the problem. That I expect so little

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    • Yeah. We agree on so much. We should be best friends now.

    • Yeah you are right I need to be patient

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  • It depends on their age, if they are under 20
    > Be a 7/10+
    > (Personality is almost always completely irrelevant, if you look good girls won't care if your the biggest twat ever)

    If they are older then 20
    > Be a 7/10+
    > Have a decent paying job
    > Have a decent quality accommodation
    > Have a decent car
    > Have a mentality of settling down

    • I start my new job Monday. It's decent paying for a college student I guess.
      My car runs lol and it has leather seats, it's just a little bruised up.
      I am definitely a 7/10
      My apartment has climate control, all new appliances, and a gym

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    • Eh, dude. Looks are almost everything to girls when it comes to dating so if you're "definately a 7/10" you'll be fine

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