Guy problems? Please help a confused girl out?

This guy in my English class is really cute & I catch him staring at me. We make eye contact for 10 seconds before I look away. I overheard him say "she's hot" to his friends while looking right at me. This went on for a week until 2 days ago: we were doing vocabulary words in English class & the teacher let us use our phones. He couldn't use his because he has no wifi. While doing my work, I look up to see him right in front of me. he asks me what I got for the first one, kind of disppointed I told him. he asked what my name was, but I had a feeling he already knew what it was. I told him and I have a really different and 'unique' name, he smiled at me and said "wow that's a really pretty name" I just blushed and said thank you. Yesterday this boy in class who sits next to me kept flirting with me. And telling everyone around us that "she wants me" i turned back around and rolled my eyes in annoyance and I saw the guy stare at us and he didn't look very happy and I know he wasn't because he's usually always smiling and talking with his friends near him. Later on in class I looked up and saw him talking to this girl and I kind of got jealous slightly. He looked back at me and I just quickly turned spend pretending to read something off the board behind me. Was he doing that on purpose? What should i do when he approaches me again? If he does ask me out; how do I let him know I'm looking for something serious. I don't want to just see him at school and call that a relationship. I want the real deal. Not middle school dating. What if he turns out to be a f-boy?
by the way I'm a freshman in high school, I'm using my cousin's account because my parents are strict when it comes to those websites


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  • He definitely likes you! Boys can sometimes get jealous quickly though, and if they get into that headspace, sometimes they think that an attempt at trying to make you jealous will get you to like them.

    The only way to find out if he is an f-boy is to talk to him and look out for any warning signs along the way. See how he handles things moving at a slow pace. If he also wants something serious, and if he really likes you, he will put in the time and effort.

    The girls I had the biggest crushes on always kept things at a slow pace, and I respected that because I knew that their trust and companionship was worth being patient for.

    Its great that you know what you want. Stick to your guns and you will find the right guy for you!


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  • How about coming up with an excuse to ask him a question? Mention that the other guy (the one who says you want him) is such a creep.
    There's no way you can tell right off the bat what type of person they are or what kind of relationship they want. Just spend some time trying to get to know him and see if it goes anywhere.
    Good luck

  • Maybe he wants you to help him

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