Girls behaviouris sometime weird?

Sometime she comes to me herself and talks, behave funny, cracks jokes and all, alone and in front of people also. And sometime behaves very weird and ignores completely. Tries to get away or don't even look while knowing that we both are in front of each other. What does that mean?

Today again when I ignored her. she herself started talking.. came beside me for lunch. talked funny things. ridiculous things are going on


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  • It means that there are days when she doesn't feel like talking to anyone. Something might be happening to her family or herself etc. Maybe it has nothing to do with you.

    • We have just met 2 weeks back. And are going to be in same place for next three months. also today again.. when I ignored her she her self came to me for lunch and we talked nice. Totally ridiculous

What Guys Said 1

  • Means she's a hot-cold woman, I hate those.
    Just stay away.

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