Guys, I don't know how to get a boyfriend. Guys don't seem to like me?

I'm 18 years old, born in Germany, and I moved to the United States when I was 10. I've always been shy, but I have improved when it comes to talking to people, and I'm still trying to improve.

For me, it's almost impossible to get a boyfriend. Whenever I'm somewhere like the store or whatever, I have guys looking at me (I only know that because my mom tells me that). But I never get approached! Often times, I'm too afraid to approach one because I'm afraid that I'm doing it wrong or I don't know if it's okay to approach them. Guys also intimidate me, at least most of them. Whenever I do manage to talk to one, they either don't seem interested in talking to me, or it simply doesn't lead anywhere. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong, when I've improved on my body language and I've gotten better in keeping a conversation? When I ask my close friends what I could be doing wrong, then they say that I don't seem to be doing something wrong.

All my friends and family tell me that I'm pretty, but I don't really feel it myself. Everyone tells me that I need more confidence, but how can I be confident when I'm pretty sure that it doesn't change how people perceive me? I have been overweight as a child, but I lost a lot of weight with exercise. I still have a "leftover stomach", but it's nothing major and my body weight is now in the normal range.

I only had one boyfriend who I met when we got set up together, but it only lasted 3 weeks because he was a liar and was possibly using me judging by what he said about me behind my back.

This whole thing frustrates me. I see couples everywhere, and nobody else seems to have this problem. I'm afraid that I'll never find anyone, and then I can forget about having a family eventually.

I know this is long, but I thought the more detail, the better.


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  • My advice would be not to stress about it. Basically, focus on yourself and improving your life. Just keep improving yourself. Work out and improve your body, find hobbies that make you happy, and work on your confidence if you feel it is lacking. Remember, confidence is just being comfortable with who you really are.
    Also, you seem pretty young so there's still plenty of time. Some guy will eventually find you charming and it might happen when you least expect it.

  • Well i'm single and ready to mingle :3

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