First date ideas?

where would you take a girl for a first date? after how long would you wait for your parents to meet her?


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  • You're under 18 so probably some place a little more casual and inexpensive. When I was in high school and college, first dates were the snack bar at the mini golf course (burgers, hotdogs, and ice cream kind of stuff) or the Olive Garden (or that kind of restaurant) if it was a more formal sort of date.
    It depends on the individuals though, if the girl was in to baseball then maybe a good first date would be a minor league baseball game (again, factoring in budget and transportation for someone under 18) or if she was a big animal lover maybe going to the zoo would make more sense.

    When I lived at home I would bring the girls I dated over to say hi to my parents (either on our way somewhere and just stopping by to pick something up or maybe to watch a movie) within a few dates.
    I know other people don't bring their new girlfriend/boyfriend over to meet the parents for longer though... I guess the girls I dated were all respectable and mature enough that I was excited for my parents to meet them because I knew they would like her.

  • I like an action kind of date, so I'd go for a nice walk in the park and perhaps something to eat afterwards or go and have a few games of ten pin bowling. I like something fun and low key, I am not one for the cinema or for fancy restaurants and I don't like mixing alcohol and dating as I end up doing stupid things like falling over a chair leg or some other tom foolery.

    As for meeting my parents, only the woman that becomes my woman gets to meet my parents.