My boyfriend asked me to run away with him to New York. Should I?

Me and my boyfriend have been talking for a year but we made it "official" a few weeks ago. I just don't know about moving out of state when me and him don't live together. He's a little older than me (26) I'm 21 and I've never lived in another state and it kinda scares me.
*I don't have family in NY.
*what if things don't work out between me and the guy? I'm stuck in a state with no one.
*I don't have any money saved or a car to drive on my own.

The only good things that would come out of moving to NY with the guy is I'll be away from my mom and her horrible sisters and their brats and I get to be with the guy I really care about.


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  • Hm. You are being smart and taking risks which is awesome.
    However, life is all about taking risks and it's too short.
    Why not go but make arrangements just in case something goes wrong?
    Tell him you're willing to go for about 1-2 months to experience with him, but not to live there with him and thats it. If you guys dont fight and it does work out make your decision then.


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  • Nope. All your points are great reasons why you shouldn't move in with him. You have no means to support yourself in case things don't work out. Not saying your relationship is going to end, because of course we're trying to be optimistic, but you need to have a backup plan.

  • My X boyfriend also asked me to run away with him to NY! The good things from it is id get to escape my mom and family! I didn't have money or a car either. Our situations were so similar!

    I ended up breaking up with the guy because he was emotionally traumatizing.

  • Yes go for it