Should I care that she lied when asked about her interests?

I know her media interests but I don't know her other interests outside of that and school. When I asked her about what she liked to do other than TV and school. She rambled off a bunch of generic things. At the end she said that she loves to hike. I know that she lied about that so she would have some more common ground with me. Should I care that she lied about it?


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  • How are you certain that she lied about that?

    • Well I have invited her to 5 different hikes, she has missed 2 group hikes. So she is either really busy, which I know she is not, or she just does not like hikes.
      So what do you think of outside's advice bellow?

    • But she accepted to go to 3 hikes, right?
      That means that enjoys hiking, but she doesn't want to do it all the time.

      As for the other guy's answer, I have a feeling that if you tell her that you think she lied, she might end up throwing a fit at you or ignore you.

    • No she refused the 5 non official hikes that I organised over the summer. Our church had 2 official group hikes that she also did not go on.
      I also agree that confronting her about it won't do anything constructive. But if I want to fight with her that is a point that I could bring up. Before I give in and latter apologize. The bigger man is always the first to try and mend things. Any women can win an argument but it takes a strong man to man up and try to mend things.

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  • Ask her why she lied, tell her you don't care that she lied and that you wish she could tell you the truth or something


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