Guys, can anybody tell me what he means?

I'm a Belgian girl currently studying in the States. Before I left for my summer break, I met a guy and we kinda fell "in love." It was a short thing, only some nights, we had no sex, but there was a lot of kissing and talking.
We were clearly crazy about each other and there were feelings involved. Somehow we lost contact over summer, but I couldn't forget him. He's not a person who likes texting and he doesn't have any social media accounts. Everyone I know would describe him as a bit strange (but still "cool") and different. Anyways, when I came back to the US I sent him two messages that I'd like to meet up and recieved no answer ( I know from mutual friends that he may have problems cause he quit his studies.) Three days ago I bumped into him. I tried to hide my nervousness while we were with a few mutual friends. I also ignored him because there were so many people around us that know about us so it was a pretty awkward situation.
But when I wanted to leave he said he wanted to talk to me...
The first thing he said was that he received my messages. Then he said that he was really busy over the past few weeks but that he'd love to meet up with me again. I tried to show no emotions as I was simply shocked and tried to hide my feelings... He said again that he'd want to see me again but that he might be busy the next couple of weeks, but he said he would text me. It was maybe a 30-60sec talk and we were walking so he didn't really look me in the eyes or anything, but as I mentioned above, he's def not like most guys I know.

I don't think that he's an asshole but well, who knows. I think he's having a lot of difficulties with his life right now (don't think he's really busy.) I also really appreciate that he came to talk to me. I'm pretty sure something will happen sooner or later because what we experienced before I left was unique.
by the way, he's 22, I'm 25.

I just hope to hear from him soon as I'm getting crazy & need some support / want to hear your opinion!!

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  • Considering what you've posted and without any additional input on the situation, I would personally have to agree with your assessment and let's give him the benefit of the doubt. He's already come to talk to you to assure you he's interested in meeting up and getting to know you more and hanging out, so that's one step in the right direction.

    Now he could be busy and he could not be. Granted he could have taken some time before now to answer you back and give you that consideration, but let's just go ahead again and give him the benefit of the doubt and believe he's really been busy and now's the only chance he had to get back to you.

    That being said, I feel you should wait and give it a chance to work. You've already admitted that you feel an attraction to him, the short times you've spent together have been unique and special to you, therefore there's no reason at this juncture to start letting your imagination get the better of you and 'borrowing trouble' as the saying goes.

    Wait and see if he responds and gets back to you about a meeting time and place and then if that happens go meet up and trust your instincts about how you feel when you're with him and what he says. If you begin to feel like something's wrong or not on the up and up or if you get the impression he's leading you on, then trust your instinctual reaction and trust what you're heart is telling you.

    Don't try to ignore what your heart and mind are suggesting to you, and be true to yourself and who you are. Remember, in the end, you have to do what's best for you and what's going to make you the happiest. Don't force yourself into something, because of past experiences, but go with the here and know and do what feels right to you. That's my bottom line.


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  • You shouldn't have hid your emotions. That's never good. If you'd have seemed happy or excited to see him you might be on a date right now instead of this site

    • Thanks for your answer. Your absolutely right. I'm usually a rather emotional person but I think I was just in shock and at the same time protecting myself from getting hurt if you know what I mean...

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    • I don't trust people very easily and I guess I'll be extra careful in this situation... it's probably better cause I really don't wanna get hurt

    • Good i learned to truest my gut after getting hurt more then once so good lucky.

  • I would really like to see you two get back together again.
    I would think that after your trip home and back again he would be itching to make up for lost time, but I did not read that at all.
    I am not really sure why anyone would need to hide their feelings. Did I miss something? Are you two carrying on a relationship behind someone else's back?
    This whole relationship smells like loosely wrapped fish to me.

    Just my opinion

    • Thanks for your answer.
      We have some mutual friends and everyone knows what happened between us, we told everyone straight away.. So it's not a secret. The thing that pisses me off is that he didn't answer my message. The positive thing is that he came to talk to me. Believe me, there's so many guys that just "disappear" and ignore you. (also guys around 30, not only 20 yr olds!)
      I still think that he's quite busy / depressed about his current life situation OR that there's another girl in his life. We are not a couple and I've been away for months, so I can't blame him... But ofc I can't know for sure
      I just wanted to know what you guys think, thanks again for your answer :)

  • If I had said that the way he did (whispering, pulling you aside in private, ignoring texts but admitting to getting them to your face, etc it would mean I was presently with someone but when I had the chance I would like to get together to see what might have been and bring closure to feelings that still existed.

  • Hmmm... Well so what? If he really liked you, you not lose contact. Often people of age in 20s not understand what relationships really take and how to court for marriage. But in end it's as you want , no?

    • That's the thing, your absolutely right ofc... I suppose I'm more mature than him anyways, I'm aware of this, so let's see what happens

  • It

    Would be nice

    If people realized

    The difference between a crush and love

    Ffs love is hardcore shit

    Don't devalue the word

    • That's why I wrote we fell "in love" - ofc it's not LOVE (yet?)...
      but it's also a bit more than just a crush, in my opinion.

    • Seems like just a crush, albeit a heavy one. Not close to love though.

    • Yes. it's just a very strong attraction, don't really need to declare it, it is what it is... let's see what it will be in the end

  • your question is toooo long to read

  • General rule: all people do what they want. If he wanted to engage, he would.