After a girl is upset/angry/mad and avoids you, how do you feel if a guy text a girl, "My fault for texting you" when you have her number?

A girl is very upset with me and avoids me but she gave me her number in the past to assist her with work related things.
How would she feel if I texted her this:
Hello It's Name
"My fault for texting you" but I would like to talk to you in person. If not, I completely understand.


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  • Leave out " my fault for texting"

    • How about I would like to talk to you in person, If not, I completely understand.

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  • To borrow a saying from the military, I think that you'd be setting yourself up for failure.

    The meaning that you want to convey with "my fault for texting you," isn't apparent. I'm guessing that you got in a fight with her over text and you believe that's an apology, which it isn't. It just comes off as weak and ambiguous. (The grammar, by the way, is atrocious.)

    Besides, she gave it to you for work related things, which this wouldn't fall under. What are you wanting to accomplish anyway? If you want to see if she'll talk to you in person, then, next time you see her, say hi and see where it goes.

    If you absolutely must text her, then try and make her laugh or, at least, try to find a way to make her happy or smile without coming off as a creep of course. Keep it light, avoid serious subjects, don't be negative, don't put yourself down, and stay positive. Otherwise, you're hurting your own cause.

  • Why bother? She wants to be butthurt about something, it's HER problem. You text that birch, you're setting yourself up for some kind of harassment charge. So don't do it.

    • Really, I can be charged for harassment charges?

    • You work for the same company? Then yes, definitely.

      Even if no, she can get the white knights in blue to come by and totally Fuck up your life. Prosecutors love to charge men when there is a female 'victim'. It lets them show that they're 'tough on crime', and the City/county gets a piece of grants for 'stopping violence against women', so they've got a financial interest in convictions even if there is no proof, or even if there's proof that she's lying.

      Money talks.

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