HELP!!! My ex girlfriend gives me so many mixed signals what is she thinking?

Me and my girlfriend were going out for about 9 months till she broke up with me. Everything was so good, we never argued. She introduced me to her family they all loved me. She said I was her best boyfriend ever. She always talked about marriage and kids and a future together. Her parents were in the middle of a divorce when we were dating so I believe that weighed on her a lot and I really helped her with that. She always said I've helped her more than I'll know. After we broke up we didn't talk for 2 to 3 weeks then we started talking a bit hung out one night had sex and got something to eat. That night she told me she still loved me and her real feelings were showing. Everything seemed to be going in the right direction. We went out for dinner a few nights later and even in the car I saw her starring at me saying "you look really good" and stuff, and "I like looking at you". Dinner went well she told me she wasn't interested in anyone else but was glad we weren't dating right now so we can just take things slow and figure stuff out. She was so happy and full of energy when we were at dinner. The next day she text me saying "everything I said at dinner was true I just can't even understand myself, I love you and will call you on Sunday. I promise. Goodnight" she never called Sunday... And then the next day she text me in the morning saying "she can't do this" and "she is done"... she said she knew she wasn't "happy" and that is not going to change. She was happy, I know it. I wished her a happy birthday got no response. We've been NC for I believe coming up on 3 weeks. What's going on? I know her feelings are still there.


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  • This happened to me as well , things were hot and heavy and all of a sudden she got cold.
    It could be that there is some other dude in the picture or her ex came back or whatever.
    Just let her take her time and if she reaches out to u, make a date.

  • FIrst of all, you don't know her feeling. Only she know her feeling. Don't go around thinking you know someone feeling better than they do.

    Nobody know what she is thinking, maybe not even her. What you can do though, is be prepared to move on.


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