My Roommate, and I are falling in love. Good, or Bad?

So I just moved in, and when I met this particular roommate, we really hit it off. She and I share a lot of interests, and literally can't stop talking. We kept each other up until 1:00 am last night, until I had to say that we have to go to sleep. She's moving downstairs into another flat in about a month, so I hope that positively affects the relationship.

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  • The fact that she is moving into another flat seems like a good idea. If things didn't work out, it's not like she was living with you, you'd have to separate each other's personal belongings, find another room mate and what not.

    If you can deal with having to see her face around and it being awkward when that happens, then go ahead.

    I'm not wishing that upon you guys, but I'm just being realistic (if things don't work out)


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  • Her moving in another flat is the best thing that could happen to you, now you can go for it without things being awkward.


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  • just go for it, if she is moving out and she says no it will not be awkward for long, worst thing to do is nothing

  • both idiots

  • People saying "you're both idiots" are mean. >.<

  • Love does not happen so fast. Your confusing love for infatuation and lust.

    Very few millennials have any idea of the concept of love.

    • Pfft lol, I used it the term to explain the situation you wazzock, don't take everything so literally.

    • If you explain situation use the correct context. I'm falling in lust or i have an infatuation. Saying love is very insulting to the meaning of the word.

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