What went wrong? Tell me what happened..? Advice now please.

There's this girl I've been talking to for some time but we had barely hung out so we end up setting up a time to hangout at this party. I arrived at the party and gave her a hug right when I saw her talked a bit then started talking with other people around. About 5 min later I decided to go for a smoke so she's standing at the kitchen door and as I pass I gently touched her leg as I passed by and told her I was going outside. Next thing you know she's out there after I go and I was talking with some people and ended up ignoring her. Now theirs something you need to know which is that she is really shy.. alright, to make a long story short I did talk to her throughout the night but she is very quiet and shy so hard to read, and I even had my arm around her for a lot of the night. I didn't want to push things to fast so I didn't try to kiss her until I left when I said goodbye gave her a hug and left then kissed the side of her head. The next day I texted her saying hope she had a good night also< anyway later on in the convo after I said she was playing games

she she was taking a while to respond to the texts she told me she just wasn't into it that much anymore. What does this all mean. We're a perfect match

and I really think she's crazy for doing me like this.

It was also her first time trying E also that night so that could have contributed.. she texted me later on saying "Doesn't have anything to do with you being drunk. I don't want you p*ssed at me I just didn't think there was anything there you know?"
"What did you think of my friend" I didn't say anything right then because I have a million thoughts. She texted back 3 hours later saying |you could text me back you know.." it sounds as tho she's still into me somewhat. Of course I'd want to think tho.
I decided I am going to call her to talk bout this. Texting just won't cut it for this. I was thinking today.. any advice when I should call.. should it be the old 3 day rule?
Bitches ain't sh*t.


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  • I don't think you did anything wrong, you were at a party and if all of your attn was going to be just on her then you should've went to dinner or something. I think you did a very good job with mingling with friends, showing her attn and having fun. To me she seems to be the clingy type and where were her friends? Did she not know anyone else besides you at the party?

    Immature behavior to me, when couples go out to gatherings they must mingle and laugh with other people otherwise, why are you there? Bottom line, you showed her enough attn and I think you did a good job she just have her own issues that only she can deal with (jealously is one of them). And by the way, she is still interested she just need that extra attn once again. Good Luck! Ty_lady!

    • Wow its insane how much the girls answers differ from the guys answers. The guys seem to think I dug myself a grave while I see hope from the ladies. I'm going with the girls on this one fellas

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    • I posted this comment somewhere else and had a similar response. She's never had a boyfriend before and her friends told me she's not even into guys often, she's too shy to get into anything with a guy. She's waiting for prince charming and life's not a fairy tale, not to sound cocky I am a decent guy it's not going to someone who will try to get her out of her shell. I appreciate the time you took to thanks for the comment.

    • It should say *she's not going to find someone who will try...

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  • Hello,

    Right "the Champ" lets look at what happened in this...

    so you've been talking to this girl for a while, why didn't you ask her for her number and then after waiting 5 days call her and ask her for a date. instead youve been talking like freinds so what ever interest she had for you is settled at 50%, in other words she on the fence.

    Then second mistake you invited her out on a group date...why, why did you want to meet her in a crowded place where she's surounded by distractions and has other guys paying attention to her.

    At the start of the night you gave her a great big hug..thats sweet...why? why did you hug her, hugs are such asexual ways of greeting each other like hand shaking..

    Then as you went for a cig you "as I pass I gently touched her leg" - again I ask WHY. what kind of indirect stalker type attitude is this. then Outside you IGNORE HER...

    so let me get this right, this girl who may have had a slight interest in you gets invited out by you, Greeted by a freindly hug then left alone, then has her leg toutched which is very sudden intimate contact whcih no predication of acceptance from her, then gets ignored again.

    then you had your arm around her, again..why and then to make sure she was really creeped out you kissed her.

    let me ask you this champ, at any point that night did she do somthing like toutch your arm?, did she initiate any kind of physical contact or was it all just you?

    Chamo this girl MAY have been on the fense when you invited her out but the fact you pushed yourself at her in such a way I can guarantee you completely creeped her out and scared her off.

    Women who are shy by nature but have interest in a guy will still send him signals such as arm toutching, emulating body posture and movements, eye contact, tone of voice. playing with hair...I could go on...

    but becouse of the location you chose, the fact it was a group date, your agressive advances and the fact you didn't allow her to make any of the first moves (if she was at all) indicating she wanted you to persue her.. I can safly say you are OUT... her interest has dropped below the point of no return..

    woman are not crazy champ. its just that like 90% of guys you rush. your ego gets in the way and you don't watch and pay atention to what HER interest is


    • Ouch should I just let it be?

    • I know you want to thing you have a shot with this girl but trust me women don't play hard to get after youve known them that long. if the women said she just wasn't into it anymore, it means she's not interested anymore. I'm sorry brother but that's just the way it is sometimes. I know you think your perfect for each other but she's has different ideas and at the end its the womens interest in you that's key to a relationship.

  • I don't know man. To me it seems like you could've handled everything better. You acted weird at the party, you got disgruntled quickly when texting (its texting the reason people do it is because you can think about what you're gonna say), and you called her on her games before you guys were even doing anything. She probably got a glimpse of you being overbearing and didn't like it. That's what it sounds like to me anyways.

    • I don't think I was acting weird at the party but she wasn't talking a whole lot either oh and that whole night her sister and best friend were telling me that she like me a lot. Read the update I put up.

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    • Wow I reallly hope your wrong because we've been talking to long for something to get in the way

    • As to the new update. You are reading to far into this now. She said she isn't into you let it be. Girls don't always play coy, she might actually want to know what you think of her friend for her friends sake.

  • I'm guessing that means it didn't work out well. You should've taken the guys advice and just gotten over it to avoid the trouble