I'm dating a man but interested in his friend- what to do!!!

Hi guys, need your help..

I just recently met this guy that I started to date. We've been hanging out and kissed but not had any sex or anything like that because I'm just not ready and not sure if I want him like that. I really, really like his personality, he so sweet to me..but he feels more like a friend, not a lover. However, he is really into me..and wants to be more than friends.

While hanging out I met his friends..and it just so is that me and his friend seem to have CRAZY chemistry. He is really flirty with me and I just can't help it but I want him! Now I really don't know what to do! I do not want to hurt this guy´s feelings and I'm scared that I will loose our friendship. I'm confused! Help!

I also don't want to come across a slut that´s just switching men like socks...I want to keep their respect. I will not do anything if there is a risk of loosing my respect..


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  • hello,

    Theres an old saying..all is fair in love and war, however I understand your situation. first thing you need to do is break up with the guy your seeing. its not fair on him to keep leading him on like this.

    Now how to get this freind of his. well obiously you can't just ask your date for his number becouse that's just messed up so if you havnt got it already you may need to take a leap of faith and try remember anything he told you about where he goes and what he does. in other words try to run into him again..

    HOWEVER depending on how good freinds they are you will have to at some point deal with the fact (if you go through with it) that your current date will find out about you two. so you will need to allow time to pass. maybe try set him up with someone else at some point..

    However like I said mens minds are very toutch about freinds and exes. even if there's no connection there they still don't like it so be careful

    Good Luck



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  • Well there is a problem here. There is pretty much no way to dump the first guy and get together with his friend without p*ssing him off. Its unavoidable. The other problem is that if the friend is a good friend, he will know better than to do anything with you for at least a while after you guys break up out of courtesy for his buddy. Sorry to say there isn't really an easy way out of this one.

    • Yeah, I kind of know that already. Only thing I can and will do is break it off with another guy and TRY my best to stay friends. Will let time pass and just hope maybe some point later we can hook up. If its ment to be, it will be. They are really close friends, like the best. I know men are super loyal to their friends and that's the way it should be. He keeps making comments like; "where did you find this woman, if Id were you Id marry her in a heartbeat".

  • On the update, you guys haven't been dating long and haven't been promiscuous or anything. It doesn't come across as slutty if you break up and date another guy. Especially since nothing happened.


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