I have three questions?

A male friend did this to me

1, he kiss my hand, means?

2, he slapped my ass, means?

3, a male friend of mine, well his currented girl at the time said he adored me, what does that mean?

do you think he likes me and what's the meaning of this is he saying he likes me?


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  • Kissing the hand sounds like clowning around, but slapping your behind clearly means he likes you, or at least that part of you.

    And if his girlfriend says he adores you, then you know he isn't faking it!
    Also, the girlfriend must like you if she tells you this!


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  • Could be he likes you could be he looks up to you. Adored is a hard word to decipher because he could think of you as his kid sister.
    He kissed your hand means he thinks you are a lady and he is a romantic.
    He slapped your ass means that he either thinks of you as a close friend or family, or he likes your ass or he swats everybodys ass.
    Suggest hanging out alone with you and see what he says

  • 1. Perhaps he was being a gentleman.
    2. Guys generally like slapping girlie asses, myself included
    3. If I was with a woman that said she adored another dude, I would dump her on the spot.

    Maybe the guy is into you, but if he hasn't asked you out yet then it probably doesn't mean much..


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  • 1. It could be that he likes you.
    2. He doesn't have a respect for you. I would very offended even my best guy friend slapped my ass.. Wtf
    3. Means he adores you. Could mean nothing.

    I say I like you to my guy friends I like. Friendly way.
    Don't read too much into what he's telling you. See how he treats you, body language and stuffs.